Making Hospitals Safe from Disasters

What are safe hospitals?

Hospitals are safe when they continue to be accessible and functioning in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or emergency. A safe hospital will not collapse in disasters, killing patients and staff. Instead, it continues to function and provide services as a critical community facility when it is most needed. A safe hospital, moreover, is organized, with contingency plans in place and health workforce trained to keep the network operational (WDRC 2008-2009).

WHO country office work with safe hospitals

The WHO Philippines country office works closely with the national health ministry and development partners to increase awareness on the importance of making hospitals safe. The initiatives include capacity building, development and publication of assessment tools, assessment of health facilities and using the results to advocate to government leaders and hospital staff.

Accomplishments in making hospitals safe in emergencies and disasters

After the campaign launch on safe hospitals in disasters, in 2009, some of the accomplishments include:

  • Assessment of 25 Metro Manila hospitals in terms of their vulnerabilities and level of preparedness.
  • Development and publication of the assessment tool , “Safe Hospitals in Emergencies and Disasters: Philippine Indicators for Level 1 to 4 Hospitals”.
  • Publication of safe hospitals best practices.
  • Building capacity on the use of the assessment tool.