SPEED supports the Philippine Government disaster management efforts

SPEED's role supports Republic Act 10121, known as the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010, which aims to strengthen the country's disaster management capability. Its goal is to institutionalize a national disaster risk management framework "to decrease disaster vulnerabilities, increase capability for recovery and develop overall resilience to disaster."

The administrative order to institutionalize SPEED at all levels is being finalized. This will include provision of necessary funding and human resources, as well as creation of local ordinances supportive to it.

SPEED is supportive of universal health care

SPEED enhances access by the people to services, commodities and information. Universal health care aims to provide quality health care to everyone, with bias to the poor. During emergencies and disasters, the poor people are most affected. They usually find it difficult to access services. They are the ones most affected, they have poorer health, inferior living conditions and are easily displaced.

SPEED captures the health picture of an affected area. Resources can then be prioritized to ensure equitable distribution.